Toddler Carriers

We have plenty of carriers which are suitable for larger babies and toddlers, but these are our favourites....

Woven Wraps

The most versatile type of carrier you can get! Material specifically woven for carrying children and comes in sizes 1 - 9 with every pattern and bland of fabric imaginable, the same wrap will easily carry a newborn and 5 year old alike. A wrap is definitely my personal carrier of choice!

Our stash includes Uppy mama, Jaqc and Rose, Diddymos and Woven Wings.

Ring Slings

A short piece of material with rings for tightening, easy to carry around and use whether your little one is newborn or a pre schooler. Worn over one shoulder and a great alternative to a woven wrap.

Our stash includes Calin Bleu and Supu


Another lightweight and soft structured buckle carrier, great for everyday use and amazing for travelling in an airport as it folds down so small!

Our stash includes standard and toddler sizes.


A traditional Japanese style carrier designed for babies who can sit independently. This carrier is used mostly for back carries and sits particularly high, it has no waistband and is incredibly light weight. 

Our stash includes Soul Onbuhimo's
Meh Dai

Based on traditional Asian carriers, meh dai's are similar to our soft structured carriers. Instead of buckle fastening, the meh dai has straps which you tie. Perfect if you find a buckle difficult to reach or uncomfortable.

Our stash includes Tag Togs in standard and toddler sizes.

Neko Switch

A structured buckle carrier with an adjustable seat and panel height to grow with your baby, made with kitten belly soft wrap fabric and dual adjustable buckles this is Kirsty's carrier of choice when carrying one of her twins!

Our stash includes toddler sizes.

Tula Toddler

The Tula Standard's big brother! All the great features of the standard just in a bigger size, suitable from about 2.5 years old. 

****EXCITING NEWS**** Tula are releasing a pre school sized carrier which can carry up to 70lb's, coming summer 2020!