Woven Wraps

The most versatile type of carrier you can get! Material specifically woven for carrying children and comes in sizes 1 - 9 with every pattern and bland of fabric imaginable, the same wrap will easily carry a newborn and 5 year old alike. A wrap is definitely my personal carrier of choice!

Our stash includes Uppy mama, Jaqc and Rose, Diddymos and Woven Wings.

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Stretchy Wraps

Perfect for newborns, stretchy wraps are made from a stretchy T-shirt material. They are between 4m and 5m long and are light weight enough for you to wear all day long, just pop your little one in and out as and when you need!

We stock Calin Bleu Stretchy wraps as they are very light weight.

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Ring Slings

A short piece of material with rings for tightening, easy to carry around and use whether your little one is newborn or a pre schooler. Worn over one shoulder and a great alternative to a woven wrap.

Our stash includes Calin Bleu and Supu

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All the benefits of a woven wrap but in a very lightweight and breathable cotton. Great if you are new to wrapping or looking for something a little cooler for the warmer months.

We stock Calin Bleu Lite Wraps

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Close Caboo

If you like the idea of a stretchy wrap but unsure on the amount of fabric and tying, then this is a great alternative! Its pre tied carrier that you pop on like a T-shirt and has the same benefits of a stretchy wrap. This is a great carrier for breastfeeding!

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Mamaruga Zen Sling

The Zen sling is by far the most popular carrier in the library, made from a soft stretchy material with the convenience and ease of buckle fastenings. 

The Zen is great for newborn and will grow with your baby until about 2 years old.

We stock Zen slings in Purple, Black-Ocean and Purple-yellow.

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A light weight and soft structured buckle carrier with integrated seat adjusters so you get the perfect knee to knee fit every time. Straps can be either H or X and the buckles are dual adjustable.

Our stash includes Hedgey and Lakeland Rain.

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Another lightweight and soft structured buckle carrier, great for everyday use and amazing for travelling in an airport as it folds down so small!

Our stash includes standard and toddler sizes.

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Boba Air

You've seen the Pac A Mac kaghool, well this is the baby carrier equivalent! Very lightweight and pacs away in to the smallest of pouches so you can always carry it for those emergency carries! Breathable and waterproof, suitable from 7-45lbs.  

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A soft structured buckle carrier with a slight waistband if you need to the extra support. Straps cross at the back and ours is in the gorgeous galaxy design!

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A soft structured buckle carrier with dual adjustable straps. If you like your carriers to be click and go, this is perfect for you!

Our stash includes a Baie Elements collaboration.

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Meh Dai

Based on traditional Asian carriers, meh dai's are similar to our soft structured carriers. Instead of buckle fastening, the meh dai has straps which you tie. Perfect if you find a buckle difficult to reach or uncomfortable.

Our stash includes Tag Togs in standard and toddler sizes.

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A traditional Japanese style carrier designed for babies who can sit independently. This carrier is used mostly for back carries and sits particularly high, it has no waistband and is incredibly light weight. 

Our stash includes Soul Onbuhimo's 

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Neko Switch

A structured buckle carrier with an adjustable seat and panel height to grow with your baby, made with kitten belly soft wrap fabric and dual adjustable buckles this is Kirsty's carrier of choice when carrying one of her twins!

Our stash includes toddler sizes.

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A fantastic buckle carrier designed to sit on your hip. The single shoulder strap is made from micro fleece which molds itself to your body. Great for little ones who are wanting to engage in the world a bit more and are wanting a greater field of view!

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Baby Bjorn One

Baby Bjorn's first ergonomic carrier, unlike it's predecessors the "One" will provide knee to knee support to your baby via a zip system so the carrier grows with your baby. Suitable 

Suitable from birth to age 3 and can be used parent facing or world facing for babies over 4 months old.

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Lillebaby Complete

A structured carrier which can be used parent facing or world facing. Has one of the biggest pockets I've seen on a carrier for all your essentials and the option of H or X straps!

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Twingo Twin Carrier

More than one child to carry? Not a problem! The twingo is designed to carry two children either of the same age or different ages. The Twingo can be used as two seperate carriers or one tandem carrier.

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Mini Monkey Twin Carrier

This is a comfortable, ergonomic and easy to use carrier for carrying twins. Suitable for newborns, each pouch works independently of the other so you can carry one or two babies at any one time!

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Tula Standard

Tula's original baby carrier, suitable from about 4 months old. If you like your carriers with minimal faff, then this is about as "clip and go" as is gets with a highly effective waistband for distributing weight!

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Tula  Explore

Tula's only carrier with a forward facing option for when your baby is 4 month old. The Explore uses a popper system to shorten the width of the seat, making it suitable for much smaller babies when parent facing. The Explore has all the features that make Tula great, including a fantastic waist band and easy peasy tightening in the straps!

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Tula Half Buckle

If you love the Tula but prefer X straps, then this is  the carrier for you! The Half Buckle sports long half wrap width shoulder straps for you to cross at the back. The extra long straps can be used to reinforce your babies seat if you need the extra support or even extend the seat if your baby is no longer "knee to knee" in the carrier!

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Tula Free To Grow

All the amazingness of the Tula Standard with the addition of a popper system in the seat and panel height adjusters. This means the Free To Grow can be sized down for smaller babies and no need to wait for your baby grow to fit the standard size!

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Omni 360 Pearl Grey Lifestyle 15.jpg
Tula Toddler

The Tula Standard's big brother! All the great features of the standard just in a bigger size, suitable from about 2.5 years old. 

****EXCITING NEWS**** Tula are releasing a pre school sized carrier which can carry up to 70lb's, coming summer 2020!

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Ergo Embrace

Ergo's first soft structured carrier made from a soft stretchy T-shirrt material, perfect for newborns!  The Embrace also offers the front facing option for when your baby is 4 months old.

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Ergo Adapt

A structured carrier which is suitable for smaller babies without the need for an insert. The Adapt will grow with your baby using a velcro and popper system in the seat, the clue i in the nsme! The Adapt also sports Ergo's great big lumbar support for added comfort.

Our stash includes both canvas and cool air mesh varieties.

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Ergo Omni

Ergo's structured carrier with the forward facing option for when your baby is 4 months old. This is a great all round carrier and one of the most popular structured carrier's in the library. It does not need an insert for small babies and has a whopping 45lb upper weight limit!

Our stash includes both canvas and cool air mesh varieties.

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