Meet The Team


Meet Kirsty

I am a graduate of history, independent woman with four children and a fabulous husband, who works away in several month 'stints'. In between running a household and raising four children, I finally completed my history degree. Now it's time for me to venture into the world of business and enjoy giving something special to the community. 

Having newborn twins with a two and four year old- yes I was a mum of 4 under 4, was crazy. We're past this stage now, and we have finally reached a time where my children can all play nicely. Looking back, the Cuddle Me Up Sling was a God Send. An absolute life saver in a time of desperation. Being able to prepare breakfast for my oldest two children, whilst tandem breastfeeding my twins in their sling was by no means an easy feat.

But I did it.

The twins happily snuggled themselves down and helped themselves to my milk whilst I was able to use my own hands to care for my other two children, and even myself at times. This is when my passion and love for slings developed. They saved my sanity! Not to mention my lifelong friendship with Becky, where we recently decided to expand Becky's existing business and buddy up as business partners. 

On top of everything, I have recently completed training in NEBOSH health and safety and occupational health.


Meet Becs

I'm Becky, mum to Evie 13, Amelia 6 and Kitty 4. I previously worked in contract renewals and have always looked for creative solutions to meet my clients needs. I sought out baby slings when Amelia was born out of nessecity and practicality, with Evie having additional needs and both myself and Amelia wanting to be close to each other. I had no idea what I was looking for and found myself at the NCT sling library! I had some great advice, was shown how to wrap and had that lightbulb moment, politely declined to hire as I knew I was going straight home to order a woven wrap of my very own.

I spent hours and hours watching You Tube video's, teaching myself to use woven wraps and seeking out other Stone and Stafford babywearing mums. It wasn't long before I discovered there was so much more to babywearing than just the hands free solution I was looking for, I could see Amelia at 3 months old fixing on people I was having conversations with and responding to noises and the world around her. As for me, I felt like super woman and I was hooked!

In 2016 I completed my level 3 Babywearing Consultancy course with The School of Babywearing, I became fascinated with the science behind attachment parenting and how and why babywearing works as well as why it is important. To me it makes sense and is the most natural thing in the world! I've always been passionate about supporting my local community and I feel truly blessed to be able to do this through Cuddle Me Up Slings. I am so excited to be spreading the babywearing love and look forward to seeing you and your little ones in the boutique!